The Diagnostx team have a combined 40 years experience in healthcare.

Diagnostx is committed to delivering advanced and innovative solutions to the Point-of-Care sector.  

Sight Diagnostics is a dynamic company that is on a mission to provide fast and accurate diagnosis in healthcare. The company was borne from technology influenced by Mobileye, the global leader in vision-bases self-driving car and advanced driver-assistance systems. They became rapidly successful after the launch of their initial product Parasight which was a breakthrough diagnostic devise using digital fluorescent microscopy and computer vision algorithms to detect Malaria.  Since its launch, Parasight has performed more than one miillion malaria tests in more than 24 countries, saving lives world wide. 

After the success of Parasight, the Sight Diagnostics team used the same innovative technology of digital fluorescent microscopy and computer vision algorithms to invent OLO OLO is unique delivering FBC, with 19 parameters with 5 part diff in under 10 minutes, from only a few drops of blood.  This device is a game changer in clinics across the globe that want rapid, accurate results for improved patient care.



  • Malaria

  • 600K+ tests sold

  • 25+ countries


  • FBC

Many potential future applications

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